LEGO Guggenheim Museum Released for Frank Lloyd Wright’s 150th Birthday

by: Joseph On  Thursday, June 8, 2017

LEGO Guggenheim

Today, June 8th, is the 150th anniversary of famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s birth, and LEGO Architecture would be remiss if they didn’t observe this occasion in some way. So we have the LEGO Guggenheim, officially called the LEGO Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, based on one of Wright’s most famous works.

744 pieces make up the LEGO Guggenheim, which includes a nice slice of the museum’s Fifth Avenue storefront, complete with a couple of New York’s signature yellow taxis to complete the picture. LEGO’s statement on the piece puts it like this:

“This accurately detailed LEGO model faithfully recreates the curves and distinctive lines that have made this building an architectural icon for the last half-century.”

You can purchase your own LEGO Guggenheim from the LEGO online store right here, where at just under $80 it’s a lot cheaper than buying an actual Frank Lloyd Wright structure, and you can turn this one into Darth Vader’s summer home if you want.