Smartdome: Mobile, Modular Domed Living Spaces for Rural Areas

by: Joseph On  Thursday, June 1, 2017
Tags:  Smartdome   Camping   Domes   Outdoor Living  


Many city dwellers dream of one day leaving it all behind for the archetypal cabin in the woods (the secluded, peaceful kind, not the secluded, murder-y kind). But maybe it’s time to stop dreaming about a cabin in the woods, and start dreaming about a Smartdome in the woods instead.

Smartdome is a new product that was developed from “problems and needs of campers,” providing customers with mobile, modular dome-iciles that can be taken just about anywhere with enough open space to accommodate them. It allows people without the resources or inclination to purchase real estate or pay rent for property out in the natural environment to experience “a new method of living in the country” – through the magic of domes!

There are several different variety of Smartdome, including Skydome, Aquadome, and Treedome, and you can get more information on these futuristic outdoor spaces at the brand’s official site here.