‘Songs of Summer 2017’: Spotify Celebrates the Beginning of Summer Vacation

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Songs of Summer 2017

Every summer features music pundits both amateur and professional declaring various pop hits “the song of the summer,” followed by contrarian counter-programming, then the cycle repeats itself. Spotify has gotten a head start on the competition with their Songs of Summer 2017 playlist. And if you’ve got a Spotify account, you can go ahead and kick summer off now by checking out the playlist below:

As you can see, the Songs of Summer 2017 playlist is geared towards the pop hits side of the spectrum, with very little if any counter-programming (look, I don’t know all these songs OK? I’m not getting any younger). There are only 15 songs on the list, so it won’t take you all summer to listen to it, either.

What else can I say about Spotify’s Songs of Summer 2017? Keep your eye on the Spotify USA account here for more summer recommendations, and don’t forget to wear a life jacket if you’re going out on the water.