“Water Tunnel” Effect Created by Putting Camera Under Running Tap (Video)

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Water Tunnel

For much of the working world in the United States, yesterday was Memorial Day, and the end of a glorious three-day weekend. You might be looking for a quick shot of entertainment to get you through this Tuesday that feels like a Monday, in which case I can recommend a little visual effect called “water tunnel.

What is a water tunnel? It’s when you take a small camera and track it up through a running tap, through the water and up to the faucet. It sounds simple but as YouTube user digi47 has ably proved, it’s a pretty striking visual, almost looking like a CGI effect even though it’s 100 percent practical.

Travel through a water tunnel by watching the video below. And if you’re still feeling stifled and restless at work, you might be able to create your own by putting your face underneath the nearest tap.

Enter the water tunnel: