‘Logan Lucky’: Steven Soderbergh’s Return from Retirement Gets Trailer (Video)

by: Joseph On  Monday, May 29, 2017

Logan Lucky

It’s been about five years since director Steven Soderbergh retired from feature films, but I don’t think anybody really expected him to stay retired for this long – so it’s been a long wait for Logan Lucky, his next movie, a star-packed heist comedy with a new trailer now online.

Logan Lucky stars Channing Tatum and Adam Driver as a pair of criminal siblings who decide to pull off the heist of the century – hitting a NASCAR race in Charlotte, North Carolina. Katie Holmes, Seth MacFarlane, and (with an “Introducing” credit for some reason) Daniel Craig as explosives expert Joe Bang. Hillary Swank is also involved, apparently in the role of some kind of scary crime lord.

Watch the trailer for Logan Lucky below. The movie comes out in August, and in the meantime you can visit its official site right here, where you can also learn some more about its unorthodox release model.

Here’s the trailer: