‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Final Trailer (Video)

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Spider-Man: Homecoming final trailer

In less than a month and a half, the latest big screen iteration of Spider-Man swings into a neighborhood near you, and to make sure their little movie turns a modest profit so they get to make another movie, Marvel has released the third and reportedly final trailer for the film. And luckily for fans, the Spider-Man: Homecoming final trailer is chock full of goodies that haven’t been seen in any of the movie’s earlier promotional materials.

The Spider-Man: Homecoming final trailer gives viewers more details about the relationship between Tony Stark and Peter Parker, as well as a brief illustration of the latter’s use of technology on loan from the former. There’s a look at Donald Glover’s role in the film, plus a pretty funny fake-out gag at the end involving Zendaya.

You can watch the Spider-Man: Homecoming final trailer below. And keep an eye on your nearest multiplex for the movie, which hits theaters on July 7th.