Tentrr: New App Helps Find the Perfect Camping Spot Without the Hassle

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, May 23, 2017
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I see no reason to waste anyone’s time here, so I’ll get right to it: There’s a new app called Tentrr, and despite the possible double entendre the word “tent” might conjure within the modern world of smartphone apps, the basic idea behind this particular app can be summed up as “Airbnb for camping.”

Tentrr hooks up would-be happy campers with private landowners who rent out some of their space. The campsites themselves are equipped with luxury tents, and all the users have to do is show up and begin snapping Instagram pics. The cost is a bit more than most people usually spend on a camping trip – between $75 to $165 – but that’s life in the Big City.

You can learn more about Tentrr right here, plus in the promotional video below. Right now it’s only available in the wilds of New York, but other areas of the country are planned to be added soon.