“Shadow”: Chromatics Release New Video for Song Featured on ‘Twin Peaks’ (Video)

by: Joseph On  Monday, May 22, 2017


If the band seen performing at The Bang Bang Bar at the end of last night’s two-part Twin Peaks premiere looked familiar, it’s for good reason: It was the Chromatics, performing their 2015 song “Shadow.” In apparent honor of that collaboration, the band also released a new video for the song right after the appearance aired.

The new video for “Shadow” shows Ruth Radelet and the band performing in a red-curtain room that’s eerily similar to the Black Lodge seen in Twin Peaks, just in case the connection between the video and the show wasn’t quite strong enough already. You can see the new video, which as far as I can tell is free of any Twin Peaks spoilers, below:

The Chromatics have been rumored to be working on a new album for a while now, so stay tuned to the band’s official Facebook account here for any details on that front possibly provoked by this new jolt of interest.