‘Still Life’ by Mike Pelletier Captures Friday Afternoons Perfectly (Video)

by: Joseph On  Friday, May 19, 2017

Still Life

It’s Friday afternoon, and if you’re on even a quasi-traditional work schedule it means that you feel like your brain is on the verge of full-on deflation. I bring it up because I just saw a new short film by Mike Pelletier entitled Still Life, and it captures this sensation pretty perfectly.

Admittedly, Still Life uses photorealistic computer animation to capture what food items might look like being inflated and deflated, but you have to admit it still screams “Friday afternoon and I never want to look at another computer screen for the rest of my life on this planet.” You can take a look at the film below and see if you agree (disclaimer: If you’re watching this on a Friday afternoon, you’re much more likely to agree):

For more where that came from, if you have the mental energy to process it, you can check out Pelletier’s official website right here. Enjoy your weekend.