Starbucks Coffee Ice: A Solution to Watered Down Iced Coffee and Frappes

by: Joseph On  Thursday, May 18, 2017

Starbucks Coffee Ice

There’s nothing like the first swig of an ice cold iced coffee, but the last swig of an iced coffee is another creature altogether. That’s due to the well known problem that faces every beverage served on ice: It slowly, inexorably, gets watered down. But according to recent reports, select Starbucks locations are testing a new add-on that eliminates the watering down problem by eliminating the water: It’s Starbucks coffee ice.

Starbucks coffee ice takes the form of pre-packaged cubes of coffee that are frozen and used to ice drinks, as well as in the company’s signature Frappuccinos. One barista gave a ringing endorsement of the coffee ice cubes on Reddit that might explain why the coffee chain is charging an extra 80 cents for the ice:

ā€œIā€™m not a huge Frappuccino fan, but the coffee ice really made it better. The coffee taste was stronger and a lot smoother.ā€

Right now, Starbucks coffee ice is being tested at Baltimore and St. Louis area ‘Bucks, but if the trend takes off you can expect to see it at your local neighborhood location sometime in the near future.