‘Rap ABC: The Rap Alphabet’ – Child’s First Guide to Rap

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Rap ABC: The Rap Alphabet

No one wants to have a child who doesn’t know Run DMC from The Pharcyde. Now, there’s an upcoming children’s book that seeks to educate the upcoming generations on the legends of rap. It’s called Rap ABC: The Rap Alphabet, and I’m pretty sure there are some full-grown adults who could benefit from its wisdom as well.

Rap ABC: The Rap Alphabet takes the form of a familiar alphabetical board book, but with a famous rapper representing each letter. K for Kanye, S for Snoop Dogg, and so on. It’s the work of artist and hip hop lover Andrew Morgan, who says he plans to give a portion of the proceeds from the book to non-profit youth music organizations.

Learn all about Rap ABC: The Rap Alphabet at the book’s official site right here, where you can also place a pre-order for a little over twenty bucks American to get a copy when it eventually comes out.