Pluto TV On Demand: Streaming Service Adds On Demand Movies

by: Joseph On  Monday, May 15, 2017

Pluto TV On Demand

One of the most underrated streaming services out there is Pluto TV, which gives cable-cutters the ability to flip through channels of various video streams – movies, old TV shows, news broadcasts, music videos, etc – just like in the golden age of channel flipping. But, the arc of history bends toward browsing through endless movie options while you decide what to watch, and now there’s Pluto TV On Demand for this very activity.

The selection of films on Pluto TV On Demand is, ah, eclectic, to say the least. As I write this I am enjoying Angelina Jolie, Elias Koteas, and the mouth of Jack Palance in Cyborg 2: Glass Shadow, which is only one of more than a thousand titles reportedly available on the app.

Pluto TV On Demand is only available in certain iterations of the app – Amazon Fire TV being one example – so check to make sure you can access it before you get your hopes up on watching Cyborg 2 like I am.