‘Songs To Test Headphones With’: A New Spotify Playlist

by: Joseph On  Friday, May 12, 2017

Songs To Test Headphones With

It might sound like a long-lost Brian Eno album, but actually Songs To Test Headphones With is of a more recent vintage, a new playlist from the people at Spotify nominally engineered for the purpose of testing your headphones. But since it also presents an unbelievably wide range of musical genres and artists, it’s worth a listen if you’re experiencing any late-week musical paralysis.

Songs To Test Headphones With is very nearly 13 hours long, so if you actually are using it to test one or multiple pairs of headphones you have plenty of material to work with. The songs were selected for their “brilliant” production and recording, so I guess you can use them to test your ears and your musical sensibility as well.

You can get a crisp taste of Songs To Test Headphones With below. But unless you’re planning on plowing through all 13 hours now, you may want to save it for the rest of the weekend. Hopefully you won’t end up having to buy a new pair of headphones in the process.