“Video Game Weapons Remix”: New Eclectic Method Track Made with SFX (Video)

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Video Game Weapons Remix

I’m a fan of the pop culture electronic songcraft of Eclectic Method, which specializes in repurposing images and sounds in surprisingly catchy patterns. The act is constantly putting out new material but one of their newest songs is “Video Game Weapons Remix,” a track made exclusively from the sound effects of … weapons from video games.

“Video Game Weapons Remix” sounds pretty good for the fact that it doesn’t include any musical instruments, even of the electronic variety. I’m not enough of a video game scholar to identify all the games from the video, and I doubt if anyone is enough of one to be able to do so just from the sounds, but maybe somebody out there can do it.

Enjoy the “Drum & Bass FPS breaks” of Eclectic Method’s new “Video Game Weapons Remix” below. And for more cool stuff from EM, check them out on YouTube right here.