‘Score: A Film Music Documentary’ Features Hollywood’s Most Famous Composers (Trailer)

by: Joseph On  Thursday, May 4, 2017

Score: A Film Music Documentary

I’ve always said that the most important part of a lot of great films is the score, which a lot of viewers tend to sleep on, ignore, and take for granted. Evidently, a cadre of famous movie score composers are sick of being ignored, because they’ve come together to participate in Score: A Film Music Documentary, a trailer for which has recently premiered.

Those composers include Hans Zimmer, John Williams, Danny Elfman, Rachel Portman, Quincy Jones, Randy Newman, and the late James Horner, who will be joined by filmmaker James Cameron and presumably some other movie industry folks to celebrate the art of the big score.

You can watch the trailer for Score: A Film Music Documentary, below. The film itself is set to come out on June 16th, and in the meantime you can pick up a lot more information at the movie’s official site here.

Here’s the trailer: