Ferrari Cockpit Desk Chair

by: Joseph On  Monday, May 1, 2017

Ferrari Cockpit Desk Chair

Sitting behind the wheel of an authentic Ferrari automobile is one of those unique experiences within the luxury sports car industry. But now, you can kind of experience it in a very, very different context: Behind your desk at your home or office. That’s if you’re willing to shell out for the new Ferrari Cockpit Desk Chair, developed in conjunction with Poltrona Frau in commemoration of Milan Design Week.

The Ferrari Cockpit Desk Chair was personally supervised by Ferrari’s own head of design Flavio Manzoni, and it comes in two different size variants: The larger President, and the Executive (no relation to the beltless trench coat invented by Morty Seinfeld). Both sizes have the same leather upholstery that Ferrari uses for its own interiors, as well as an outer shell constructed from carbon fiber. Then there’s the aluminum base, which features the same mechanical principles that are used in the design of Ferrari’s steering wheels.

You can read up on the Ferrari Cockpit Desk Chair right here, but to get your own you’ll have to make the trek to the participating Poltrona Frau location nearest you in the near future.