Beef Jerky Scented Candle from People’s Choice Beef Jerky x Wax & Wick

by: Joseph On  Monday, May 1, 2017

Beef Jerky Scented Candle

It’s happened to all of us: We’re asked to leave our local 7-Eleven because we keep hanging out in the jerky aisle, inhaling deeply through our noses. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.  There’s nothing like the smell of beef jerky.  It can be a little addictive, and there are few better ways to enjoy it if you don’t want to pack on its associated calories. I say “few” and not “no” because of the Beef Jerky Scented Candle that’s been developed by People’s Choice Beef Jerky and Chicago candle company Wax & Wick.

As you might expect, the Beef Jerky Scented Candle purportedly smells just like People’s Choice Beef Jerky, perfect “for a guy who likes working with tools, growing a beard and enjoying bourbon after a hard day’s work,” and who’s sick of being emasculated by weak, feminine scented candles.

If you’re macho enough to handle it, you can get a Beef Jerky Scented Candle at the People’s Choice online store here, where they’re priced at $25 a pop.