‘Once Upon a Time in Venice’: Don’t Mess with Bruce Willis’ Dog (Video)

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Once Upon a Time in Venice

Remember after The Matrix came out and suddenly every scifi action movie had people in black leather flying around in slow motion? We may be entering into a minor version of that phenomenon spawned by John Wick, because Once Upon a Time in Venice features Bruce Willis as a hardboiled detective trying to rescue his dog from the criminal underworld.

Honestly, though, judging by the trailer for Once Upon a Time in Venice, it seems more like a throwback to Bruce Willis’ heyday in movies like Pulp Fiction and The Last Boy Scout, not to mention the Die Hard series, than it is a rip-off of John Wick. And Willis’ sidekick is John Goodman, which makes this automatically worth checking out.

See what else Once Upon a Time in Venice has to offer by watching the trailer below. The film comes out this summer, so keep your eyes out for more as we get closer to June.