Wype: The “Desktop Snack Rag” That Keeps Your Fingers Clean During Computer/Snack Time (Video)

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, April 18, 2017


The marriage of snacks and computing is bad for a lot of reasons – most doctors will tell you it’s not a good idea to take all of your meals while hunched over in front of a computer monitor, for one thing – but one of the main was is the mess that can come about in between food and keyboard. Now on Kickstarter is a “desktop snack rag” that adds a middle step to that equation, keeping your fingers and your computer clean in the process. It’s called Wype.

With Wype, you just run your fingers on its cleansing surface in between bites of Cheetos or whatever else you cram into your maw while retweeting Instagram models. There’s a antimicrobial solution built into the Wype that takes care of germs, too, and it’s machine washable for repeated uses.

Get more information on Wype in the video below, and check out its Kickstarter campaign right here.