Curvilux: “The World’s First Smart, Powerful, and Beautiful Nightstand” (Video)

by: Joseph On  Saturday, April 15, 2017


You might be forgiven for thinking Curvilux is the name of some new Star Wars character, or perhaps a villain in Thor: Ragnarok. But actually, the name refers to a smart nightstand that makes all previous nightstands look like unvarnished tree stumps.

Curvilux can charge three of your devices simultaneously, either wirelessly or via USB. It also doubles as a kind of sleep cycle modulator, that uses a built-in lightbar that can simulate the sunrise and sync up with your alarm to help you wake up in an optimally restful manner. It’s got a speaker, too, although I couldn’t say how streaming music from your nightstand might affect your sleep cycle.

You can pre-order a Curvilux smart nightstand at the product’s official site here, where they’re priced at $299 a pop, and where you can also get a lot more information on its impeccable bedside manner. You can also acquaint yourself with its features by checking out the introductory video below.