MAX Motor Dreams Crib Simulates Soothing Late Night Car Rides for Babies (Video)

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, April 11, 2017

MAX Motor Dreams

One of the things they don’t tell you in parenting school is that nothing quiets a baby down quite like an extended late-night car ride. Is it the vibrations of the car? The darkness? The sounds? Whatever it is tends not to be replicated in your house, which leads to bleary eyes and other symptoms of sleep deprivation. But perhaps, maybe, possibly, MAX Motor Dreams can bring some of that peaceful experience into the young parent’s everyday routine.

MAX Motor Dreams is not a Mad Max spinoff despite sounding like one. Instead, it’s a smart crib that’s designed to replicate the sound of a late night car ride for the benefit of your snoozing infant and his or her (ideally) fellow parents in slumber. You use the crib’s accompanying smartphone app to record the drive that rocks your baby to sleep, and then the crib can replicate the motion, lights, and sounds of that ride at any time.

MAX Motor Dreams is the product of Ford’s Spanish-language arm, but you can check out a subtitled version of the introductory video below. And if you were planning on having a kid any time soon, maybe hold off until this technology becomes widely available.

Here’s the video: