Grocers Bottling: The Perfect Sandwich Beverage Pairings from Court Steet Grocers

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Grocers Bottling

Court Street Grocers is one of the most famed delis in New York City, and now they’re expanding into a field that’s in many ways as important to the enjoyment of a good sandwich as bread or meat. It’s Grocers Bottling line, a collection of cold-fashioned carbonated beverages designed to replicate the sodas of the good old days.

Grocers Bottling sodas include flavors like Grocers’ Original, What Cheer ginger ale, Sea to Sea club soda, and Grocers’ Celery Soda, a spin on Dr. Brown’s Cel-Ray that famously pairs well with the deli’s pastrami sandwiches.

The plan is for Grocers Bottling beverages eventually to be available all over the world, but before that happens you’ll have to go to a Court Street Grocers location to try them out first. In the meantime, you can read more about the sodas right here, at the risk of making your next sandwich seem kind of sad if you’re not drinking old-fashioned soda along with it.