Naked Breakfast Taco with Optional “Clothing” Introduced by Taco Bell

by: Joseph On  Sunday, April 9, 2017

Naked Breakfast Taco

Clothing may be optional at a Taco Bell near you in the near future. No, that doesn’t mean that the Bell is introducing a new dress code for nudists. Instead, it refers to the terminology of the restaurant‘s newly unveiled (so to speak) Naked Breakfast Taco.

A Taco Bell Naked Breakfast Taco is full of the usual breakfast taco fixings—sausage or bacon, potatoes, and cheesebut with a fried egg shell in lieu of both the usual tortilla and the traditional egg filling. Here’s where the naked part comes in; if you want, you can order the taco “clothed” with an additional layer of flatbread, to make it a more traditional breakfast taco-type item.

Taco Bells in Flint Michigan will reportedly be the first to get the Naked Breakfast Taco after it arrives on their breakfast menus on April 18th, with a wider rollout scheduled for sometime after that.