Crystal Creation Nikon Model I for Some Reason

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Crystal Creation Nikon Model I

Today in “why,” camera brand Nikon and crystal maker Swarovski have collaborated on a replica of the Nikon Model I made entirely from Swarovski crystals. It’s called the Crystal Creation Nikon Model I, and no, before you even think about it, it’s not a functioning camera.

The answer to that “why” question is a simple one: It’s Nikon’s 100th anniversary, and the Crystal Creation Nikon Model I is one of the ways the brand is commemorating that occasion. It’s a highly detailed and elegant crystal camera ornament, so Nikon is definitely celebrating its 100th birthday with style to spare.

Release details like a launch date and pricing are still to come, but according to Nikon’s official site for the item the “Crystal Creation Nikon Model I will be sold exclusively through stores (physical and online) and showrooms managed and operated by Nikon.” So stay tuned to that site right here for more info in the near future.