‘Ms. Pac-Man’ Defends Google Maps From Ghosts for April Fool’s Day

by: Joseph On  Friday, March 31, 2017

Ms. Pac-Man via The Verge

Google is one of the best/worst offenders at always going a little too far on April Fool’s Day – you might remember a couple years back when they converted their Maps service into Pac-Man for the occasion. Now they’re going back to that well (and it’s not even April yet!), and in keeping with proper Pac-Man continuity it’s now Ms. Pac-Man who you can now control along a variety of randomly selected Google Maps in the world.

I played a game of Google Maps Ms. Pac-Man before I wrote this, for research, and my one complaint is that the strange intersections of the real world sometimes make a bad pair with the simple quadrilateral controls of a video game – which is probably why you get a healthy five lives to eat all those dots and Power Pellets.

Check out this – uh, hilarious April Fool’s Day prank? – and get in some Ms. Pac-Man before knocking off work for the weekend at Google Maps right here.