Miso Ginger Energy Cup Noodle: Noodles Meet Energy Drinks

by: Joseph On  Monday, March 27, 2017

Miso Ginger Energy Cup Noodle

The familiar jolt of an energy drink meets the soothing comfort of Cup Noodle with what is being called the first “Energy Cup Noodle” in the world. It’s the Miso Ginger Energy Cup Noodle, and the idea is that you get all the (questionable, perhaps) benefits of a traditional energy drink with the flavor of a standard Cup Noodle – truly the best of both worlds.

Every Miso Ginger Energy Cup Noodle has amino acid arginine and the vitamin niacin within its pork stock, along with flavor notes of miso ginger and garlic. Pork, egg, cabbage, and red pepper join the noodles and the energy fixins for a fully balanced meal within the cup.

Unfortunately for readers outside of Japan, Miso Ginger Energy Cup Noodle is restricted to its nation of origin reportedly from March 27th on, but perhaps a wider release in the near future isn’t an impossibility. Of course, you could always buy a regular Cup Noodle and pour some Red Bull in there—let me know how that works.