STOA Replay Arcade Cabinets

by: Joseph On  Friday, March 24, 2017

STOA Replay Arcade Cabinets

I’ve always wanted to own an arcade cabinet, preferably a S.T.U.N. Runner, but really any authentic cabinet from back in the day would be pretty cool. So I’m a little bit vexed—but not surprised—that I could also spend that money on a new custom STOA Replay cabinet instead.

An STOA Replay cabinet is specially customized to your preferences, and comes with an array of your favorite games. Each is handmade with an scanline-generator-equipped LCD monitor, one- or two-player controls, and your choice of color scheme and graphics. Maybe this wouldn’t be such a bad investment compared to a vintage Q*bert after all…

You can get more information on STOA Replay retro arcade cabinets at STOA’s website here, where you can also make an inquiry to find out how much one will cost you. Sure, that money might be spent in more practical ways, but at least it’s more efficient than having a bunch of arcade cabinets piling up in your house.