‘The Sampling of Daft Punk’: Video Provides Guide to the Universe of Daft Punk Samples

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Sampling of Daft Punk

It’s a familiar enough sensation: You’re grooving to some obscure (or in some cases, not so obscure) funk or soul song when a riff or keyboard lick gives you an unmistakable sense of deja vu. It’s not deja vu though, it’s Dafta vu, meaning the music is familiar to you because it was sampled by Daft Punk. A new video entitled The Sampling of Daft Punk provides a near-comprehensive guide to this phenomenon.

The Sampling of Daft Punk is an eight-minute highlight reel of Daft Punk’s catchiest samples, complete with where they appear in Daft Punk’s oeuvre. It’s a pretty revelatory watch, and gives you an idea of how versatile DP’s use of samples is, and will also provide plenty of new (to you) records for your to-listen list, unless you’re as voracious a music listener as the members of Daft Punk are.

Watch The Sampling of Daft Punk below, and check out more Daft content at the Daftworld YouTube channel here.