Imitated Human Skull Fire Gas Logs

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Imitated Human Skull Fire Gas Logs

I’m no marketing expert, but if I were the proprietor of Myard DELUXE Logs, I would try to come up with a catchier name for my¬†Imitated Human Skull Fire Gas Logs. For instance, and this is just off the, uh, top of my head: Skull Logs, Grilling Skulls, Fire Skulls. All GREAT names, very marketable.

But for now we’re stuck with Imitated Human Skull Fire Gas Logs, which can be used in whatever firepit or outdoor barbecue dungeon you might have prepared for them. Each one is “steel reinforced, plus produced with lave granules plus significant heat ceramic refractory which is employed to check rocket machines,” and in size comes to, well, about the size of a human skull. Perhaps that’s why they felt the need to specify they’re “imitated” in the name of the product.

You can order some Imitated Human Skull Fire Gas Logs for your next Negaduck-themed barbecue at Amazon right here, where they’re priced at 65 bucks each.