Blood Salt & Dirt Camo: Vollebak Shirts Come Camouflaged for Damage

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Blood Salt & Dirt Camo

We are all familiar with the concept of the “go home stain,” a wardrobe mishap so egregious and unmistakable that you have to go home and change. But what about the abuse that happens gradually to a shirt over time? Salty sweat can cause that to happen, as can dirt, and even in a completely innocent fashion, blood. But a new line of shirts from Vollebak come camouflaged in such a way that obscures any stains you’re likely to apply, and they’re called Blood Salt & Dirt Camo.

Blood Salt & Dirt Camo shirts come in three varieties: You guessed it—Blood Camo, Salt Camo, and Dirt Camo. Each one is carefully engineered to obscure whatever variety of abuse and damage you’re most likely to apply to it, from salt (sweat) to dirt, and for any serial killers out there, blood.

Check out the Blood Salt & Dirt Camo shirts at Vollebak’s online store here, where they start at just about $80.