Eye by ESTI: Smart iPhone Case Gives Users Android Features (Video)

by: Joseph On  Thursday, March 16, 2017

Eye by ESTI

I wasn’t under the impression that there were too many iPhone users out there clamoring for the experience of owning an Android smartphone, but evidently there are enough of them to justify the development of Eye by ESTI—a “smart iPhone case” that’s essentially an Android device all on its own that happens to house your iPhone.

What this means is that Eye by ESTI owners will have two phones in one, one with the iPhone’s OS and features, and another with Android’s. Eye has its own screen, NFC chip, microSD slots, and more, sharing only the speaker, microphone and camera with the iPhone. And since it also has its own battery, you’re basically doubling the battery life of your iPhone, too.

You can acquaint yourself with how Eye by ESTI works by watching the promotional video below. And for more, plus to place a pre-order starting at $92, check out Eye’s Kickstarter campaign right here.