‘The Adventures of a Little Girl’: A MIDI Drawing (Video)

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Adventures of a Little Girl

Mari Lesteberg is an artist that specializes in her own art form, which she calls MIDI Drawing. The trick of MIDI Drawing is that it uses MIDI digital music as both an audio AND a visual component, in a way that I wouldn’t have imagined possible before I saw it for myself. Her latest work is part two of a project called The Adventures of a Little Girl.

The first part came out earlier this month, and since this is a lot easier to see than it is to describe, you can watch it below:

The storyline of The Adventures of a Little Girl, such as it is, probably wouldn’t win any screenwriting awards—as near as I can tell, the first part follows a girl into a cave with some bats, that she then shines a flashlight on, then a dragon (?) shows up. But the way it was made makes it well worth watching, and the music is very good too, even though it has to work both sonically and visually.

Here’s part two, which came out yesterday:

Lesteberg promises a part three for The Adventures of a Little Girl, so stay tuned to her YouTube channel here, where you can also see more of her work.