Medical Cannabis Olive Oil From Om Edibles

by: Joseph On  Monday, March 13, 2017

Medical Cannabis Olive Oil From Om Edibles via Cool Material

Om Edibles is a female-run collective in California that specializes in medical (medical, always medical) cannabis products for a wide variety of uses. One such product is their Medical Cannabis Olive Oil, which is characterized this way by the company’s founder, Maya Elisabeth:

“The inspiration behind our olive oil was to make something that was sugar-free, gluten-free and really versatile, which means you can use it hot, cold or as a topical.”

Often when we discuss products with a cannabis component on this site, we have to add a disclaimer regarding whether or not the product will actually get you high in the conventional sense. Om Edibles Medical Cannabis Olive Oil comes in two varieties, though, depending on your own personal preference: a non-psychoactive CBD and a traditional THC option. Yum!

You can check out Medical Cannabis Olive Oil, which starts at $24, at the Om Edibles online store here, where you can also order and/or get more information on the brand’s other “cannabis superfoods.”