Little Planet Factory: 3D Printed Planets for Home or Office

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Little Planet Factory

Everybody loves planets, right? Massive, usually spherical bodies made of mineral and gas, there are trillions of them throughout the universe. But if you’ve ever tried to purchase one, you know how prohibitively expensive they can be to all but the most affluent collector, which is why Little Planet Factory is such a welcome alternative.

Little Planet Factory makes tiny 3D printed replicas of all the best planets: Earth, Mars, Mercury … pretty much everything in our solar system, and more. They’re also made to scale, which is a good way to drive home the truth of how big Jupiter is. Each one is made from a high resolution digital master model and comes in a variety of different imaginative formulations, like a terraformed Mars or even a “solar system in a bottle.”

You can check out all of the Little Planet Factory’s wares at the brand’s online store here, where prices start at $12.