Kentucky Bourbon Grilling Honey From RogersMade

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Kentucky Bourbon Grilling Honey

Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey and pure honey combine in a new product from RogersMade designed to push your grilling into a new level of flavor. It’s Kentucky Bourbon Grilling Honey, made specifically to be coated on meat just before you throw it over the fire.

Kentucky Bourbon Grilling Honey might be honey for grilling, but RogersMade is quick to point out that it can be used in other contexts as well, particularly if you’re still waiting for grilling season to begin in earnest. You can use it as a salad dressing or a glaze, or maybe even a dipping sauce if you’re feeling particularly adventurous and/or desperate.

But first, you have to buy some of the stuff. You can do that at the RogersMade online store here, where Kentucky Bourbon Grilling Honey is priced at 14 bucks per 12-ounce jar. A disclaimer for your information, though: It probably won’t get you drunk.