Ehang 184 Passenger Drone Rolling Out Soon in Dubai

by: Joseph On  Friday, February 17, 2017

Ehang 184 via Cool Material

Dubai is basically the Tomorrowland of the world at this point, so it figures that the first autopiloted passenger drones would be unveiled there. Enter the Ehang 184, a drone capable of flying a passenger up to 220 pounds (maybe time for a diet if that cuts you out) plus a little luggage (or maybe just pack light?) on intracity trips up to 30 minutes in duration.

Of course, the Ehang 184 passenger drone isn’t quite ready for use, and there’s no word yet on when it might be ready to ride—so maybe you have time to get down to fighting weight after all. There’s also no word yet on how much a trip on the drone will cost, but you can bet it will be substantially more expensive than taking a cab.

Still, it’s pretty exciting that this technology is being developed at all, and for more info you can take a look at the official Ehang 184 site right here.