Duke Cannon Solid Cologne

by: Joseph On  Friday, February 3, 2017

Duke Cannon Solid Cologne

The Duke Cannon Supply Co. has established a name for itself with products like soap bricks and shower cubes that change the way the user thinks about everyday hygiene products. Their latest is Duke Cannon Solid Cologne, which is now available in three different scents.

Those three scents are taken from three elements: Land, Sea, and Air. The Land cologne is called Redwood, purportedly with an aroma that’s somewhat defensively described as being like “walking through a Redwood Forest, not a high school dance.” Sea is Naval Supremacy, and could be a faint echo of Cosmo Kramer‘s fabled Beach fragrance, while Air is represented by Open Skies, a fresh airy scent designed “for the traveling man” (just like the other two).

A tin of Duke Cannon Solid Cologne will set you back 25 bucks at the Duke Cannon online store right here, where you can also get more information on the fragrances and other stuff from the Duke Cannon family of bricks, blocks, and slabs.