Alo: Screenless Smartphone Concept by Philippe Starck and Jerome Olivet

by: Joseph On  Monday, January 30, 2017


No one really ever knows what the future of technology holds, but imagining the possibilities often ends up creating the same innovations that end up defining that future. Hopefully for our sake, something like that will happen with the new smartphone sans screen concept from Philippe Starck and Jerome Olivet. It’s called Alo.

The Alo concept is basically like if the T-1000 were a smartphone, totally screenless and interfaced by the user through a mixture of haptic feedback, voice control and hologram displays. Its camera would double as an always-on facial tracker, and its molded aluminum alloy core would be covered with a translucent, gelatinous outer layer that aids in the interface and can also self-repair damage. As you might imagine, the technology isn’t quite there to make the Alo real, but as a work of design it’s unarguably inspired.

You can read more about the Alo smartphone concept right here.