GS1 From JHO Knives: At Last, Your Arm is Complete Again

by: Joseph On  Monday, January 23, 2017


JHO Knives have, if you’ll pardon the phrase, carved out quite a niche for themselves as a maker of clever and novel pieces of cutlery, like the finger-sized Nug recently featured on this very site. Their latest joint takes its design cues from the classic straight razor: the GS1.

The “GS” in GS1 stands for “Gentleman Slasher,” which would also make a pretty good Sweeney Todd knock-off title now that I think of it, and boasts a similar unfolding mechanism to the straight razor. The blade is forged from a combination of CPM S35VN steel and titanium, and each of the knife’s four styles (black, bronze, grey, and blackout) comes in its own special leather carrying case.

You can purchase all four of those GS1 style variants, as well as the rest of the JHO stock, from the JHO Knives online store right here, where the GS1 is priced at $260.