‘Mountain Bike Portals’: Red Bull Branches Into Scifi Extreme Sports Videos

by: Joseph On  Friday, January 20, 2017

Mountain Bike Portals

Readers of this site may be aware that the energy drink brand Red Bull has a lucrative side gig as a producer of extreme sports videos. These videos can get pretty outlandish, but they’re still bound by the limitations of the physical world—or they were, at least, before the release of Mountain Bike Portals.

Mountain Bike Portals takes actual mountain bike footage and through the sorcery of VFX adds some trans-spatial portals to the mix, so the cyclist in the video appears to be on one continuous ride through a variety of different locales. I’m pretty sure it’s not real anyway, unless it is, in which case the physical world as we know it has been completely transformed. Either way, cool.

You can watch Mountain Bike Portals right here, courtesy of the Red Bull Facebook account, where you can keep your eyes out for more cool/reality-shattering extreme sports video content.