Ford GT Order Kit: Create Your Custom Ford Supercar at Home

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Ford GT Order Kit

If you find yourself financially approved to buy a Ford GT supercar, there’s a part of the customization process that has all the delightful sensation of a fun at-home hobby, but with a new Ford GT in store for you after you finish the project. It’s the Ford GT Order Kit, which lets you “build” your own GT in your home before it ends up on your driveway.

The Ford GT Order Kit comes to your house in a carbon fiber case. Inside, you’ll find color samples (with removable stripe options), miniature wheels in a variety of color options, and authentic leather swatches for your various interior options. When you finally piece together the GT of your dreams, you send it back and wait for your real car to be assembled and ready to drive off the lot.

If you don’t see purchasing a Ford GT in your future, you can still see the Ford GT Order Kit in the “overview” video from Ford below, and read more about the concept in the company’s official press release right here.