Western Village: Abandoned Japanese Theme Park Subject of Creepy Photos

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Hey, are you familiar with the popular HBO program Westworld? Do you wish a similar concept existed in the form of a series of creepy photos taken of an abandoned Japanese theme park? Enter Western Village, and the copy for the photos by Lee Chapman of the Tokyo Times basically writes itself, folks.

The photos of Western Village, which opened in the 70s and shut down back in 2006, almost look like they were taken of a Westworld-themed amusement park, rather than an old west one that’s gone to seed. Hopefully, no one has tried to have sex with these western figures, though.

You can see some of Lee Chapman’s Western Village photos below, and check out their original home at Tokyo Times right here. If there are any adventurous investors out there reading this: Get in touch with me, I just had a great idea for a theme park.