‘Shoot Portraits Not People’: Art Installation Features Guns Made From Cameras (Video)

by: Joseph On  Monday, January 16, 2017

Shoot Portraits Not People

Photographer Jason Siegel is tapping into some serious linguistic voodoo with his new art installation Shoot Portraits Not People. Ever noticed how the terminology surrounding photography and firearms is kind of similar? Shooting, reloading, film/ammunition cartridges, etc, and the idea behind the installation is gun-like devices made from real camera components.

For Shoot Portraits Not People, Siegel enlisted metals sculptor Keith D’Angelo to construct the pieces, which look like weapons but are actually made entirely from camera parts.  Of course, there are a few people throughout history who will attest that a well-placed camera can be almost as deadly as a gun, but that’s beside the point.

You can see a video about Shoot Portraits Not People, shot with CAMERAS and NOT GUNS, below. And you can get a closer look at the pieces that make up the installation by heading over to Siefel’s official site right here.

Here’s the video: