Allstars Sports Bar Releases Incredible Trick Pool Shot Video

by: Joseph On  Monday, January 16, 2017

Allstars Sports Bar Trick Shot

When I was home for the holidays last month I happened to catch a little bit of a trick pool shot contest on ESPN2. But the trick shots I saw were nothing compared to the trick shot recently captured on camera at the Allstars Sports Bar in Bristol, which bursts the confines of the pool table wide open.

The first sign that the Allstars Sports Bar trick shot goes beyond the pale is that the video demonstrating it is over two minutes long. The second sign is that it begins nowhere near a pool table, but in fact a couple of flights of stairs above one, before going on to utilize not just one table but several, as well as virtually the entire space of the rest of the bar.

If you’re still waiting for signs that the trick shot captured by the people at Allstars Sports Bar is worth watching, I dunno what to tell you, but you can take a look at the video courtesy of The Guardian below.

Your move, ESPN2: