2016’s Most Streamed Netflix Shows by State From HighSpeedInternet.com

by: Joseph On  Friday, January 6, 2017

2016’s Most Streamed Netflix Shows by State

Netflix famously does not release comprehensive viewing stats on its programming, a sound strategy for selling the value of your product to advertisers and other business partners. But the people at HighSpeedInternet.com did some figuring of their own, and recently released an interesting map featuring 2016’s most streamed Netflix shows by state.

As it turns out, people in Oregon love to watch Portlandia more than people in any other state do, interestingly enough. The map also shows that Texas loves Narcos, Scandal reigns on much of the east coast, and Florida, in typical Florida fashion, is really into Bloodline. And since geography was never my strong suit, I’ll limit my further observations to Alaska (Orange is the New Black) and Hawaii (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt).

HighSpeedInternet.com’s map of 2016’s most streamed Netflix shows by state is especially interesting since it’s not restricted to Netflix original programming, as such a map might be if it were released by Netflix itself. You can check out the blog post from whence the map above came right here, and remember that the next time you fire up your Netflix account you could be representing your entire state.