Mack Weldon Sunday Pant

by: Joseph On  Thursday, January 5, 2017

Mack Weldon Sunday Pant

I suppose there are two different ways to interpret the phrase “Sunday pants.” For churchgoing folk, a pair of Sunday pants would be a nice, formal pair of pants, but for the more secularly inclined, a pair of Sunday pants needs to be comfortable, lounge-worthy leisurewear. Enter the Mack Weldon Sunday Pant, which is meant to bridge the gap between the two.

The Mack Weldon Sunday Pant sports an anti-odor and moisture-wicking finish, deep pockets, tapered legs, and a button fly, but with the comfort and wearability of a pair of sweatpants. Incidentally, they’re also the perfect pair of pants for another day of the week: Laundry Day.

You can get the Mack Weldon Sunday Pant from the Mack Weldon online store here, where a pair is priced at $58. Now for the bad news: If you’re looking for the perfect sundae pant, you will have to first A: Figure out what that means, and B: Figure out who sells it.