Super Nintendo Jordan 4 Customs From Freaker Sneaks

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Super Nintendo Jordan 4

The overlap between people who buy/wear custom sneakers and people who used to own a Super Nintendo console is probably pretty wide and deep, which is why making custom Super Nintendo Jordan 4 sneakers is just a solid business decision by Freaker Sneaks.

Unlike a lot of sneaker variants and tie-ins, Freaker Sneaks used real Super Nintendo controllers to create his custom Super Nintendo Jordan 4 sneakers, and the d-pad and buttons are actually pushable. Of course, they don’t have any real function, but I guess it makes a fun novelty or a way to occupy your hands if you’re bored in a waiting room or in court or something.

You can check out the Freaker Sneaks Super Nintendo Jordan 4s at the sneaker customizer’s Instagram account here, and the sneaker is supposed to be available for special order at his website here, although that appears to be going through some technical difficulties as of this writing.