Steven Smith Teamaker Barrel-Aged Teas

by: Joseph On  Saturday, December 31, 2016

Steven Smith Teamaker Barrel-Aged Teas

New from Steven Smith Teamaker, the specialty tea brand formed by, you guessed it, Steven Smith back in 2009, it’s a limited edition line of teas that have been aged in brandy and whiskey barrels—a process that all true teaheads know is very unusual indeed.

The Steven Smith Teamaker limited edition barrel-aged teas include Yaupon Brandy, aged in a Stone Barn Brandyworks apple brandy barrel, and Wuyi Whiskey, aged in a a Westward Whiskey barrel. This aging process imparts flavor notes not often seen in teas, like oak, caramelized sugar, and (naturally) whiskey. But if you’re hoping to get drunk off of it, you’ll have to hope otherwise.  Or, you could always mix some actual liquor in with the tea.

The whiskey barrel-aged Steven Smith Teamaker tea is unfortunately already sold out, but you can buy the Yaupon Brandy tea while supplies last at the Steven Smith online store right here, where it’s priced at $39.99.