‘George Lucas: A Life’: New Biography by Brian Jay Jones

by: Joseph On  Thursday, December 29, 2016

George Lucas: A Life via Cool Material

George Lucas, the legendary filmmaker behind American Graffiti and THX-1138 (not to mention the perennially popular Indiana Jones series which he created in collaboration with Steven Spielberg), is the subject of a new biography by Brian Jay Jones. It’s called George Lucas: A Life.

George Lucas: A Life covers, you guessed it, the life of George Lucas, from his childhood as a hot rod and Carl Barks loving California kid to his current state as a wise elder of Hollywood, having cashed in after changing the world with his artistry and commitment to replacing puppets with CGI.

Portioned at a thick and extensive 550+ pages, George Lucas: A Life was released to the public on December 6th, 2016, and you can order your copy from Amazon right here, where it’s currently priced at a little over twenty bucks in hardcover. If you’re a hardcore Howard the Duck or Radioland Murders fan, it’s pretty much a must-buy.