‘Isle of Dogs’: Enter to Appear in Wes Anderson’s Upcoming Animated Movie (Video)

by: Joseph On  Friday, December 23, 2016

Isle of Dogs

The internet was recently excited to learn that the next Wes Anderson feature film was going to be a stop-motion film entitled Isle of Dogs, but I (in retrospect) wisely held off on devoting an article to this news, since on some gut level I understood that another more interesting development involving the movie was just around the corner. And it turns out, I was right, because there is a contest going on right now that lets you enter to win a chance to visit the set in London, hang out with Wes, and record a voice part for a canine character in the movie. Called it!

The Isle of Dogs contest is set up to benefit Martin Scorsese’s Film Foundation, a truly heroic organization committed to film preservation in all its myriad aspects. And, like most things in the movie industry, you get a better chance at winning if you’ve got a little extra scratch, because every $10 donation gets you another entry to the contest.

You can enter to win the Isle of Dogs contest right here, and see Wes Anderson himself talk about it below.